PNPN Product Guide Catalog

Nursery Catalog and Species Guide.


This reference sheet outlines the various characteristics, uses, and implementations of sedges, rushes, and grasses only.

Square Footage Worksheet

Conversions between plug quantities to area covered and vice versa by planting intervals. Includes plug and seed conversion tables.

Pizzo Native Plant Nursery – Company Profile

Outline of Pizzo Native Plant Nursery as of 2012.

Native Plants & Areas: How To Guide

Information on how to prepare, install, and maintain your natural area or garden. Seed and bare root instruction also included.

Turf to Prairie: Cost Comparison

Outlines the costs of maintaining existing turf versus proposed native installation with expenses described beginning at one acre.

Specialty Gardens

Lists include prairie, shade, rain garden, shoreline, pollinator, green roofs, septic field, bird & butterfly, salt tolerant, clay soils, deer resistant, bioswale, and early flowering species.

NativeScape Kits

View our one-page flier containing pictures of our NativeScape Kits.

Pizzo Seed Mix Brochure PDF

Download our Seed Mix PDF sheets with full specifications on our 15 standardized seed mixes.

Pizzo Native Plant Nursery – Plant Listing

Take a look at a list of our native plant species.

Growing Practices & Sustainability Efforts

Outline and descriptions of unique native greenhouse operations as well as efforts in sustainability within the nursery.

Pizzo & Associates, Ltd.

Native Landscape Contractors, LLC

Ecology + Vision, LLC