Plugs Sizes

We offer more than 430 species of prairie, woodland and wetland native plants. Our standard size is 38 cell plugs, however certain species are best grown in a 32 cell plug. We also contract grow in 72 or 50 cell plugs. Our plugs cell sizes measure as follows:

38 cell 2.25” x 5”, volume of 11.30 cu. in.
32 cell 2.63” x 3.5”, volume of 17.09 cu. in.
50 cell 2” x 5 “, volume of 11.9 cu. in.
72 cell 1.63” x 3.25”, volume of 4.2 cu. in.

Pizzo Superior Seed Mixes

Twenty-five years of scientific expertise in the restoration ecology business have resulted in the development of the following seed mix specifications. Combined with responsible installation and stewardship practices, our seed mixes are recipes for success.

Click here to download our Seed Mix PDF sheets with full specifications on our 15 Standardized Seed Mixes. No cancellations on premixed seed.

Click here to find out more about The Pizzo Pollinator Meadow Mix in partnership with The Conservation Foundation.

Native Green Roofs

Native plants are very successful on both intensive & extensive green roofs. Choose plants from our inventory or inquire about a contract grow in any of our plug sizes in either our standard nursery mix or engineered roof media.

Pizzo Native Plant Nursery has a certified GRP (Green Roof Professional) on staff who is available for horticultural consulting for specifying or choosing native plants for green roof applications. Visit our Native Green Roofs Page for more information.

Contract Grows

Whether you are looking for larger material for a landscape install, plugs for a shift-up or a green application, or want to be certain that your material will be ready in full at a specific time, contract growing is the best option to achieve those needs.

We offer contract grow services in our standard 38/32 cell tray sizes, as well as 50 cell trays, 72 cell trays, quarts, 2 quarts, and gallons. Contract grows require a 30% deposit at the time the order is booked. No cancellations on contract grows.

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