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New! 2-quarts in trays of 6 plants.

Native Gallons, 2-Quarts & Quarts

Along with our economical and compact standard plug sizes, Pizzo Native Plant Nursery has availability of a selection of gallon, 2-quart and quarts sizes. Using larger sizes in your landscape enhances the robustness in the first year as well as allows for planting within wider areas.

Click here to search online by size and species.

Please call or email with further questions, contract grow options or availability.

For more information on Plug Sizes, Contract Grows, Superior Seed Mixes, or Green Roofs click here.


Native Lawn Alternative – Buffalo grass

Buffalo grass is warm season, low-growing lawn alternative able t survive cold climates of the north as well as the hot and dry climates of the south. Plugs are contract grown in either 38 or 72 cell trays sizes. Please contact us for pricing, as well as plug and seed installation rates.



In the spring Pizzo Nursery grows a variety of vegetables and herbs in various sizes to create edible landscapes. Delivery and contract grow options available. Check back Spring 2017 for more information.

Bare Root Material

Depending on the time of year, our nursery has the ability to source or harvest a variety of spring ephemerals, emergent, and submergent species as bare root material. Please call for more information.