About Us

At Pizzo, we understand the business of ecology.Pizzo Native Plant Nursery, a wholesale grower specializing in native plant plugs, is known as an established and reputable grower with more than 25 years of ecological restoration science behind our product and services.Our nursery encompasses 40 acres of restored wetland and prairie habitat in the heart of farm country near Leland, Illinois, providing us with ready access to local eco-type seed from a diverse number of native plant species. Our production facilities include greenhouse space to allow for extended growing and targeted, date-specific delivery. We pride ourselves on strong customer relationships and deliver a superior quality product and customized service.

Our Mission

To better our communities through the cultivation, promotion, and trade of native plants.

Who we serve:

  • Landscape Contractors, Nurseries and Re-wholesalers
  • Ecological Restoration Contractors
  • Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers
  • LEED and SITES™ Project Managers
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies; Metropolitan Sewerage Districts
  • General Contractors
  • Corporate and Residential Property Managers
  • Education and Health Care Institutions
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Private Landowners

Our People

Kyle Banas, Nursery Manager/Head Grower

Grace Koehler, Sales & Marketing Manager, GRP

Mandy Leifheit, Sales Assistant

Stephanie Pinkous
Production Coordinator

David Marek

Brett Holly
Nursery Maintenance Technician

Susan Booker
Nursery Propagator